GL Voucher Excel File

This is the cost allocation of the payroll by GL Voucher Accounts that defined at Payroll Cost Centre and Pay Type Table

The Voucher No. 1 is the Payroll Voucher, the Voucher No. 2 is the MPF Contribution Voucher.

In general, Payroll Voucher is
Dr Salary
Cr Employee MPF Contribution  (B/S Item)
Cr Bank

MPF Contribution Voucher is
Dr Employee MPF contribution (B/S item) 
Dr Employer MPF contribution (P/L item) 
Cr Bank 

GL Voucher Excel File can be generated at Generate GL Voucher in Payroll Management

You can control whether display the MPF Contribution Voucher or not by turned on the check-box option Exclude MPF Contribution Voucher in GL Voucher in Payroll Module Setup, Payroll tab