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Set up Business Alert (Desktop Client)

For Web Client, Business Alert is in System ManagerBusiness Alert

Business Alerts (BA) is a separate program running on a dedicated PC to monitor the jobs that already defined, execute and deliver the result to the predefined email addressess.

The program is named HRPROBA.exe that should be found in the HRPro shared folder if you purchased this module. 

Before open HRProBA, make sure the HRPro is already been installed in this desktop. (see HRPro Desktop Client Setup Procedure)

1. The login screen is similar to HRPro

2. However, to login BA, the HRPro user must have the User for Business Alert rights set up in HRPro User Maintenance.

3. After login successful, this is the main screen of BA. 

4.  You must configure BA the email server address that you are going to use in order to deliver Email. In Top Menu->Tools->Personal Options
  • The SMTP server is the host name or ip address of the email server that you are going to use. 
  • The User ID and Password are optional (depended on the SMTP server requirements)
  • The Sender Email and Sender Name will display on the Email that BA sent out.

5.      To run the BA, just click the Start Timer button, minimize it and BA will send email based on the predefined schedule to predefined email address. (The BA program must be opened and running all the time in order to make it work).

6.      To maintain the job including the schedule and the recipients, highlight the job and click Edit button.

7.      The Job Name and Description are free to edit

8.      This is the SQL Query Statement to retrieve the information from the database by given some conditions. See also: Business Alert/User Query Samples

9.      This is the Recipients email address, the email subject and the descriptive message that are free to amend.  If there is multiple recipients, you can use semi-colon ; to separate each email addresses.

10.  The last tab is the schedule, this example will let BA to send the email weekly on Sunday 10:00am.

So in this example, the BA must be opened and the timer must be started at Sunday 10:00am, so a dedicated PC is preferable for Business Alert.

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