How to register HRPro Desktop Client?

For Web Client, please visit

After the HRPro Desktop Client is setup successfully, you can follow this procedure to register your copy of HRPro. Otherwise, please follow the HRPro Desktop Client Setup procedure to setup HRPro on your desktop before registration.

1. If you can see this screen during login, click the Yes button

2. Otherwise, you can register HRPro from the top menu, Help->Register HRPro

3. If your email client is Microsoft Outlook, click the Email Button will send the Desktop ID to us.

Otherwise click Copy button and open a new email and paste the Desktop ID into the email and send a registration email to your HRPro Solution Provider (Do not capture the screen, screen capture is not acceptable).

(You are entitled to obtain the License Key only after the final balance of the project is settled.)

4. After you obtain the License key from us, copy and paste the license key to the area License Key

Click the button ”OK”. Registration process is finished.

Note: If you wish to transfer license from one machine to another, please provide us the Desktop ID or License Key of the Desktop that you wish to transfer license from.