Why some of the Chinese Characters display ? in HRPro Desktop Client?

Although your PC is running Traditional Chinese Windows (or the codepage/locale is set to Traditional Chinese) , most of the Chinese display correctly, but some of the Chinese Characters enter into HRPro displayed ?.


Although HRPro Desktop Client is a unicode based system. However, some screen controls (e.g. Text Box) depended on the codepage of Windows. For Traditional Chinese Code Page (950), Microsoft included only the BIG-5 Chinese Characters in Code Page 950 (only 13,060 characters), but did not include some common characters used in Hong Kong (e.g. 峯、双、堃、栢、喆、煊、滙、綉、琼), resulting display ? on screen.

Reference: 大五碼 維基百科🡕

Although there are many BIG-5 extensions exist on the market, but each are incompatible with each other.

We recommended Unicode補完計画🡕 After installation, HRPro desktop client not only able to display BIG-5 extensions, but also Simplified Chinese or even Japanese.

However, please note that there may be problem if these extended characters require export to other external systems (e.g. Bank, Inland Revenue) (e.g. IR56B Taxation Diskette allows only normal BIG-5 Characters)

Any issues when using Unicode補完計画 or similar extension is out of our support scope.

We recommend HRPro Web Client, Web Client is full Unicode support.