Update Personal Particulars Approval

Update Personal Particulars Approval is under Master.

When Employee apply Update Personal Particulars in Employee Portal, HRPro user should go to Master Setup->Update Personal Particulars Approval to accept or reject these applications.

Click the Serial No. or highlight and click the Edit button to View, Approve or Reject the Application. 

You can also delete the application by clicking the Delete button if the employee is not an active employee.

Click Approve or Reject button for action.

When there is related information inside a unposted IR56B, check the Update unposted IR56B of this employee check-box before action will also update the related information on the IR56B record.

If the option Enable "Update Personal Particulars Approval" reply by Email in Employee Portal Setup, Employee Self Service Tab is turned on. A confirmation notification email will be displayed allowing user to edit before sent to the applicant.