User-defined Fields Setup

User-defined Fields Setup is under System ManagerHRPro Setup.

In Employee Master, you can define up to 45 User-defined Fields (10 Text Fields, 5 Numeric Fields, 5 Date Fields, 5 checkboxes, 20 Long Text Fields) allow you to store specific information about the information that is not available in the standard fields. You can find the User-defined fields in Employee Master, Other info tab.

Text Fields provided up to 50 characters and Long Text Fields provided up to 300 characters.

You can optionally define lookup table for each character field. Click the Lookup button to define the lookup table for that User Defined Text Field.

When Lookup Table is defined for the User Defined Field, only defined values are possible to be selected in Employee Master, Other info tab

Long Text and Lookup table for User-defined Fields available in Web Client only