Reset Grid Layout

In HRPro, nearly every grids can arrange the order using the drap and drop, setting the width of the columns or hiding the columns using the column menu ( ⋮ ) and the layout is save to your User Profile. Next time when you open the same page, the previously save settings will be applied to the same page.

However, sometimes you wish to reset it to default (e.g. want to display new columns on new version) or sometimes the grid layout settings is corrupted and produce unexpected result when the page is displayed or unable to display.

Usually it can fixed by using Reset Grid Layout to reset the grid layout to default layout (i.e. factory settings).

To Reset the grid layout, go to top menu, Tools menu, select Reset Grid Layout.

p.s. Grid Layout is stored by HRPro user. Reset Grid Layout will reset the page only of your own user id.

The following information is stored in Grid Layout

  • Column Order

  • Column Visiable Status

  • Column Header

  • Sorting Order

  • Search Key

  • Filter