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How to register Employee Portal?

After the Employee Portal web site is installed. Registration is required in order to activate Employee Portal.

Go to System Manager > HRPro Setup > Employee Portal Setup, License Tab.

Click the green Copy to clipboard button and open a new email and paste the Database ID into the email and send a registration email to your HRPro Solution Provider. (Do not capture the screen, screen capture is not acceptable)

(You are entitled to obtain the License Key only after the final balance of the project is settled.)

After you obtain the License key from us, copy and paste the License key to the area “License Key”.

Click the button ”OK”. Registration process is finished.

Note: If you wish to transfer license from one database to another, please provide us the Database ID or License Key of the Database that you wish to transfer the license from.

Employee Portal License is per company. Employee Portal License allows unlimited users to login one company from unlimited computer. We registered Database Name for Employee Portal License.
Employee Portal Server License is per SQL server. Employee Portal Server License allow unlimited users to login unlimited companies from unlimited computers to access the same SQL server. We registered SQL Server Name/Instance for Employee Portal Server License.

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