Update Personal Particulars

Personal Particulars are available for employee to review on line. Certain fields that can be updated by the employee and the particulars will be sent to HR administrator as change requests and to be confirmed and updated the HRPro database. Go to Update Personal Particulars Approval to approve or reject the application.

Update Personal Particulars is available when the check-box Enable "Update Personal Particulars" in Employee Portal Setup, Employee Self Service Tab is turned on.

All User Defined Fields (Except Long Text) in Employee Master, Other Info tab are allow to request update if the check-box options Enable Update... in Employee Portal Setup, Employee Self Service Tab, Update Personal Particulars panel are checked.

The  Qualifications and Skills and Employment History sections are available when the check-box option Enable update "Qualifications and Skills" and "Employment History" request in Employee Portal Setup, General tab is turned on.

The content of the reply Email can be defined in Employee Portal Setup, Employee Self Service Tab