Leave Entry

The total leave days will be calculated automatically, based on the Saturday and Public Holidays setting (as well as roster table defined). 

When HRPro calculated Leave Days from time, by default the Total Leave Days will be rounded up to hours (i.e. 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, say if the working hours per day is 8 hours, it will become 0.125, 0.25, 0.375, etc). Unless the check box option Return exact time when calculate leave days from time (otherwise, round up to hours) is turned on in Leave Module Setup.

If you overwrite the Total Leave Days will switch to Manual Overwrite mode. (Manual Overwrite mode is available if the Enable Leave Days Overwrite in Leave Module Setup, General tab is turn on). 

When a Leave Entry is manual overwritten, the leave days is available to input to overwrite the system calculated figure. In this case, the leave days will not automatically allocate to proper leave days/leave hours (as the system is unable to allocate the Leave Entry into Leave Day Record). 
e.g. If the Leave From is 2015/06/01 and the Leave To is 2015/06/30, and the Leave Days is overwritten to 20 days, HRPro will not know which dates that is on leave. It will affect the accuracy of  all the related attendance records as well as all Leave information that required to specified particular dates.
e.g. If the Leave On is 2015/06/01 AM and the Leave Days is overwritten to 0.25., HRPro will not know which hours that is on leave. It will affect the attendance of the employee on that date (e.g. whether it is late-in or not). 
The figure of Manual Overwrite cannot more than the value of what HRPro is calculated.

Manual Overwrite is useful only if no attendance is concerned and the Leave Reports that specified particular dates are not important.

If the Leave Entry is created by WebLeave's approved leave application and the leave application is attached an attachment,  The attachment can be viewed by clicking the  Attachment tab. 

If the Leave Entry Required Attachment in Leave Type is turned on, attachment is required for that Leave Type before saving the Leave Entry. However, the checking can be bypass when the Missing Attachment check-box is checked.
If the Leave Entry Required Attachment in Leave Type is not turned on, Missing Attachment check-box is a reference only.

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