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HRPro.config Settings

Starting at 14.02, HRPro have it own config file (HRPro.config) that stored the site specific information (SQL Server connection info and smtp server settings or may be others). Web Client now read the settings in HRPro.config first before looking into Web.Config. So HRPro.config will be a static file storing customer information that stay on customer site and the settings in Web.config will be ignored.

It is preferable to define settings in HRPro.config rather than Web.config.
Sample HRPro.config settings


  <add key="data source" value="NUTECH-OFFICE\HRPRO2008"/>
  <add key="initial catalog" value="dbHRPro"/>
  <add key="user id" value="sa"/>
  <add key="password" value="Password"/>
  <add key="smtp from" value=""/>
  <add key="smtp from name" value="HR Department"/>
  <add key="smtp network host" value=""/>
  <add key="smtp network port" value="587"/>
  <add key="smtp userName" value=""/>
  <add key="smtp password" value="Password"/>
  <add key="smtp enableSsl" value="true"/>
  <add key="smtp CCToSender" value="0"/>
  <add key="smtp BCCToSender" value="0"/>
  <add key="MaxUploadFileSize" value="41943040"/>
  <add key="LongDateFormat" value="d MMMM, yyyy"/>

You can only put the keys you required into HRPro.config. If the key is missing in HRPro.config, system will use it default setting.

After HRPro.config is edited, IIS restart or pseudo edit Web.Config is required in order to reload the settings.

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