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HRPro License Options

There are four license types available for HRPro.

Server License
Server License allow unlimited users to login unlimited companies from unlimited computers to access the server. We registered Server Name for Server License.

Company License
Company License allows unlimited users to login one company from unlimited computer. We registered Company Name for Company License.

User License
Only the registered user named in the license key code allow to login unlimited companies from unlimited computers. This allows a user to switch from one computer to the other as necessary, provided that only one instance of the software is used at the same time. We registered Server Name+User ID for User License.

Browser License
Browser license is purchased per browser (e.g.  Chrome, Edge, Firefox either Desktop Browser or Mobile Browser) that required to login to HRPro. Browser license allows unlimited users to login to unlimited HRPro companies on a Server from this particular browser. 

Device License
Device license is purchased per number of devices (computers) on which you would like to use the software on the Windows based Local Area Network simultaneously. Regardless of the number of users who use that Device to access the server. Device Licenses may make more economic and administrative sense if your company has workers who share computers , for example, on different work shifts. We registered Computer Name for Device License. Device license is for device that on the Windows based local area network that possess a computer name (hostname). Device with Device license may not working behind the firewall/proxy (i.e. on Internet) unless VPN is deployed.

1. Server means a Computer upon which the Licensed Product is installed AND from which other Computers receive or retrieve data. Technically it is means one instance of SQL Server service.

2. Company means HRPro Application database. Usually each HRPro Application database contain one legal entity.

3. User means an employee, consultant or other individual who benefits from the Licensed Product.

4. Browser means an application program that provides a way to look at and interact with all the information on the HRPro Application Server. e.g. Edge, Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

5. Device means any device or computing environment which benefits from the HRPro (for example but without limitation, workstations, personal computers, laptops, netbooks, tablets, smartphones, and environments connected to an email server, an internet proxy or a gateway device, or a database). HRPro does not have to be physically installed on the computer environment to provide benefit, nor is there a requirement for the computing hardware to be owned by the Licensee. The term Device as defined herein includes, without limitation, non-persistent deployments, electronic devices that are capable of retrieving data, and virtual machines.

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