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Why the serial number increased by 10000 on every restart? (for SQL Server 2012)

This issue is worked around in HRPro 11.12

You may experience this problem if you are deploying SQL Server 2012 as the data source for HRPro - the serial numbers in Leave Entry, Leave Adjustment, etc increased by 10000 on every server restart.

Seems like Microsoft has changed the way they deal with identity values in SQL Server 2012 as a result of this you can see identity gaps between your records after rebooting your SQL Server machine.

To overcome this issue, according to Microsoft post , you can use the trace flag 272 to cause a log record to be generated for each generated identity value. 

1. Open "SQL Server Configuration Manager"
2. Click "SQL Server Services" on the left pane
3. Right-click on your SQL Server instance name on the right pane ->Default: SQL Server(MSSQLSERVER)
4. Click "Properties"
5. Click "Startup Parameters"
6. On the "specify a startup parameter" textbox type "-t272"
7. Click "Add"
8. Confirm the changes