Event Calendar

The followings will be displayed:
  1. Your Leave History with Approved Leave
  2. Your subordinates Leave History with Approved leave
  3. Your Holiday
  4. Your Birthday (Optional)
  5. Your subordinates Birthday (Optional)
  6. Your Probation End Date (Optional)
  7. Your subordinates Probation End Date (Optional)
  8. Your Contract End Date
  9. Your subordinates Contract End Date
  10. Your Shift Code (Optional)

The Department drop down list is available for approver to only show the events of the subordinates belong to that department.

If there is an * behind the shift code, that ‘*’ indicated that the shift code on the roster table assigned did not equal to the shift code on the attendance record. (e.g. the shift code is ever amended in the attendance record of this employee on this date).

When Show Shift Code on Event Calendar (in Employee Portal Setup, Employee Self-Service Tab) is turned on, Shift Code of the employee will be displayed and Shift info with In Out Time will be display when mouse over the shift code.

The colour of the Shift Code can be defined in Shift Code in Web Client.

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