Shift Code

Shift Code is to define the Shift plan of a work day. Shift plan includes the definition of  Book Times, Meal Times, Rest Times, etc. Shift plan is used with Roster Table in order to define the work schedule of the month.

The purpose of Shift Code is to calculate the Late In, Early Out, Worked Hours, Absent etc (i.e. the Attendance).

The options in Shift Code are similar to Global Working Hours

If a Shift Code is obsoleted. You can uncheck the Active check-box to make it inactive.

If Shift Type is defined to Rest day is Pay Day (depending on the Daily Salary based on) and Day Off is the day with No Pay.

The Colour for Shift Code is for displaying colour in Roster Enquiry and Event Calendar in Employee Portal.

When the Meal Time Check Attendance check box is checked, Meal In/Meal Out time is required (in Attendance Record). When it is not checked, the meal times in the attendance record are for reference only and will not use for attendance tracking.

When the Include Meals Hours as Work Hours check box is checked, the meal hour is included to calculated Worked HoursOT Minutes and Meal Break Pay.

When the Meal Break with Pay check box is only to calculate Meal Break Pay in Below Minimum Wage Report and Hourly Wage Report

Leave Day treated as is for calculating leave days in between when clicking the calc button in WebLeave application or Leave Entry.

Paid Day treated as is to calculate the Daily Rate for Monthly Rate Employee when Paid Days is set to Roster Normal Days* (See "Daily Salary based on" Explanation).


O.T. Type is to define the O.T. Rate of this shift.
If it is Employee Default, O.T. Rate (Workday, Rest day, SH, PH -SH) are depending on the Shift Type of this Shift code
If it is Employee O.T. Type (Workday), Employee O.T. Type (Rest day), Employee O.T. Type (Saturday), Employee O.T. Type (SH), Employee O.T. Type (PH -SH), Employee O.T. Type (Callback), Employee O.T. Type 7 Description (e.g. Middle Shift) or Employee O.T. Type 8 Description. (e.g. Night Shift), if the employee worked overtime on this shift, the O.T. Rate are depending on the corresponding O.T. Type in Employee Master, Salary Info tab of the employee.

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Other Settings

Worked Hrs excluded the time earlier than the Book In time is for calculating the Worked Hrs, whenever the employee work earlier than the book on time WILL NOT count as work hrs.

Worked Hrs excluded the time later than the Book Out time is for calculating the Worked Hrs, whenever the employee work later than the book off time WILL NOT count as work hrs.

When Flexible Meal Hours is checked, the meal hours to calculate worked hours will based on the total hours to meal(i.e. Meal Out - Meal In, with minimum standard meal hours time) regardless of the book Meal Out Time and book Meal In Time defined in Working Hours Settings tab. 

When the Shift Type is either Rest Day, Statutory Holiday or Day off, only options for overtime is available.

When Not Absent is checked, even the employee have no attendance for this shift, Attendance Record will not show the Shift as Absent. Which is good for as call employee.

The Attendance Allowance Formula (per day) is a User Definable Formula Field. The total Attendance Allowance paid for the payroll period is the number of attended days in Attendance Records in the Attendance Period x the Attendance Allowance Formula (per day). Please see How to defined User Defined Formula.

See Enable Shift Differential Pay for Hourly Rate Employee Explanation for the usage of Shift Session Hourly Rate

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