Attendance Module Setup

To set up the attendance setting in HRPro, go to System Manager >  HRPro SetupAttendance Module Setup


Attendance Import

  • Here you can select the file format exported from the attendance card readers. If you have two kind of formats, select the 2nd format at the 2nd File Format drop down list.

Attendance Records
  • Lower the Maximum periods to display as authorized Attendance Records can improve the loading performance of Attendance Record Grid. The default to 12 periods means loading the latest 12 periods of Attendance records as active, other Attendance records are treated as Inactive. Click Show Inactive or Show All in Attendance Record to view those records.
  • When Enable Meal Out/In is checked, system can record the meal time check out/check in period.
  • When Enable Rest Out/In  is checked, system can record the rest time check out/check in period. Usually Rest Period is the period after the meal period and before the book out time. e.g. Afternoon tea period.
  • When Enable Callback In/Out is checked, system can record the overtime period that is the overtime work that required the employee return to the place of employment from an off-duty status.
  • If Enable Timesheet without Time Clock Info is turned on, Time Clock Info is not required for whole company's Attendance Records. To enable individual employee Timesheet without Time Clock Info, check the option Timesheet without Time Clock Info in Employee Master, HR Info tab.

Other Settings
  • When Enable Attendance Data for OT Pay Calculation is checked, the OT Pay for Payroll will be calculated based on OT minutes in Attendance Records automatically
  • When Treat Absent as No Pay Leave Deduction for Monthly Paid Employees is checked, the No Pay Leave Deduction for Payroll will be calculated based on the Absent Status of the Attendance Records automatically.
  • When Attendance Update for unposted payroll periods only is checked, only the Attendance Records that the period is not within the periods of the posted payroll batches allowed to perform Attendance Update

Attendance Period
Attendance Period is the period to cover when calculating OT or Late Deduction for that payroll period.

When offset is defined,  Attendance Period is the X days of the normal calendar period. E.g. offset is -10, The end date of Attendance Period is 10 days before the normal calendar month end.

Attendance Period is able to change only when there is no Attendance transactions exists.

You can also define Attendance Period in Global Working Hours and Roster Table

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