Attendance Import

Attendance Import is use to import the attendance record generated from the attendance device (including Finger Scan, Smart Card, Proximity, Bar-code Strip, Magnetic Strip or Computer Data Input) into HRPro.

The Attendance Import Formats are based on the different Import File given by different Attendance Devices. Attendance File Format is defined at Attendance Module Setup, you can define up to 2 attendance import formats.

The check box Delete existing Period Attendance Records in database before import is visible only when the option Ignored Import Period Checking in Attendance Module Setup is not checked.

When Attendance Import File is not given and the Delete existing Period Attendance Records in database before import is checked. All the attendance records of the given period will be deleted from the system.

Make sure the check-box option Enable Attendance Record in Employee Master, HR Info Tab is ticked for those employees that required to record the attendance.

The Attendance Import File Format 3. Excel can support a lot of Excel format, here are two examples
  1. Multiple Times Format: GeneralExcelAttendanceFormat.xlsx 
  2. Single Date Time Format: GeneralExcelSingleDateTimeAttendanceFormat.xlsx (See InOutMode in Web Service APIs for Attendance Import, if omitted, it is default to 99, or you can define the GeneralExcelSingleDateTimeIOMode in HRPro.config)

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