Attendance Raw Data Report by Location

It retrieve data from that attendance raw data archive and read the device information defined in Work Location.

This report is applicable if 
  1. The Keep Attendance Raw Data in Attendance Module Setup must be turned on
  2. The Attendance Input format must be either (In Out Mode 0 and In Out Mode 9) or In Out Mode 99 (See What is In Out Mode?). i.e. the raw attendance record must indicate that it is “In” or “Out” or "First In Last Out". 
    If In Out Mode is 0,9, supported one date per location multiple In Out.
    In Out Mode is 99, supported one date per location single In Out only. 
  3. Expected one “IN” and one “Out” records perfect match in each location. i.e. must contain both In time and Out time on the same date, same location.
Report Columns
  • Period
  • Location
  • Location Name
  • Device
  • Employee No
  • Employee Name
  • Work Date
  • Work In
  • Work Out
  • Work Time

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