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What is "Allow to amend Shift Code for individual Attendance Record" in Attendance Module Setup

In Attendance Module Setup, General tab, Attendance Records panel, there is a check-box option Allow to amend Shift Code for individual Attendance Record.

When this option is turned on:
1. Shift Code is allow to amend in Attendance Record for individual employee. It is good for common roster table (i.e. Roster Table shared with multiple employee, but individual employee wish to change the shift code of particular date).

2. However, update the Roster Master Table will not update the Shift Code of the Attendance Records.

When this option is turned off (the default):
1. The Shift Code in Attendance is unable to amend.
2. Update the Shift code of Roster Master Table will update the Attendance Records. Which is good for the situation that Each Roster Table for each individual employee.
3. Attendance Update will repopulate the Shift Codes to the Attendance Record.

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