Use Application to apply Leave, In/Out Time Correction Request or Expense Claims Application

Application is any Leave Type defined in HRPro and they can be:
  • Annual Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • No Pay Leave
  • In/Out Time Correction Request (for Attendance In/Out Time Correction Approval)
  • OT Compensation Leave (Provide the OT Date/Time and Compensation Leave Date/Time for Approval)
  • Any non-leave event for approval (e.g. Trip/Seminar/Training request, etc)
  • Expense Claims
The available Leave Types allow to select for the applicant is determined by
  • Visible in WebLeave Application in Leave Type is checked
  • No Employee Class defined in Leave Type or the Employee Class of the Employee is defined in Leave Type
  • If applicant is Male Employee, Maternity Leave is not available
  • If applicant is Female Employee, Paternity Leave is not available
  • If applicant is Global Working Hrs Employee, Statutory Holiday Leave is not available
  • If applicant is Non-continuous Contract EmployeeAnnual Leave, Maternity Leave, Paternity Leave, Sick Leave (Statutory), Injury Leave (Statutory) are not available
Leave Balance will be displayed only for Employees that the check-box Show Leave Balance (in Employee Master, EPortal tab) is checked.

In Employee Portal, the figure of these Leave Balances
  • Annual Leave Balance
  • Actual AL Balance
  • AAL Balance
  • Actual AAL Balance
  • Com Leave Balance
  • Sick Leave Balance
  • Full Pay Sick Leave Balance
  • Casual Leave Balance
  • Leave Type Balance
is Applicable Balance that is the Leave Balance that allow the applicant to apply that included the Approved Leave and Pending Leave Approvals, Applicable Balance is either
  1. Remaining Balance at the end of the current Leave Year: i,e, Approved leave in the current Leave Year + future adjustments in the current Leave Year  - Pending Leave Approvals in the current Leave Year, or
  2. Future Balance: i.e. All Approved leave + All future Adjustments - All Pending Leave Approvals 
whichever is smaller. (whether deducing Pending Leave Approvals or not is depending on the option Leave Balance include Pending Approval in Employee Portal Setup)

For Actual AL Balance and Actual AAL Balance, future entitlement will also be considered if the check-box option Actual Annual Leave Balance with future consider future entitlement in Leave Module Setup, Annual Leave tab is turned on. See How HRPro calculates Annual Leave Actual Balance (with Future)?

Annual Leave Balance displayed on this page is defined as

Year End Balance + Next Year Adjustment – Pending Leave Approval 

If there is Next Year Approved Leave, it become
Year End Balance + Next Year Adjustment – Pending Leave Approval +  Next Year Entitlement – Next Year Approved.

Whether the different Leave Balances are shown on screen or not is depending on the check-box options  in Employee Portal Setup, WebLeave tab, Show Items panel.

When the check-box option Enable Attachment (in Employee Portal Setup) is checked, Attachment is enabled. You can attach multiple attachments (up to 5) when applying application.

When the check-box option Make Apply Leave As Startup Page (in Employee Portal Setup) is checked, Apply Leave will be served as start up page after log in, otherwise Notice Board is shown.

When the Enable "Cancel Leave Request" for Leave not Taken in Employee Portal setup is turned on and also the Application is approved, the Cancel button will be displayed to perform the Cancel Leave Request.

When the Enable Replenish Attachment in Employee Portal Setup, WebLeave tab is turned on and also the Application is approved, the Replenish Attachment button will be displayed in order to submit the missing attachment.

Click the "Cancel Application" button to perform the Cancel Leave Request workflow.