Employee Master, EPortal tab

EPortal Tab is visible only when Employee Portal module is installed.

When Allow On Behalf Application is turned on, this employee can apply Leave Application or Overtime Compensation Application on behalf of any employee in Employee Portal. When (Own Department Only) is also turned on, this employee can apply on behalf application for his/her own department.

When Allow Mass Approval is turned on, Approver's Mass Approval function is available.

When Suppress Email Notification for Approval is turned on and the employee is an approver, the Email Notification require the approver for application approval will be suppressed.
When Force Calendar Shows Birthday is turned on, even if the Event Calendar shows Birthday and Company Calendar shows Birthday options are turned off (in Employee Portal Setup, Employee Self Service tab). The Employee is still able to view others birthday on Event Calendar and Company Calendar in Employee Portal.

When the check-box option Show EPortal Password in Employee Master in Employee Portal Setup, General tab is checked, the EPortal Password will show the actual password instead of *****

If the Approval Workflow (all approvers, any approvers or by level) is not Default, it will overwrite the settings defined in Employee Portal Setup or Leave Type

If Approved Email CC List is defined, email notification will be send to this distribution list upon the application is approved.

For usage of Approval Role Delegated to, please see Defining "Approval Delegation"

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