Employee Portal Setup, General Tab

General Functions
When the check-box option Enable Chinese User Interface (in Employee Portal Setup) is checked, the link  繁中 简中 at Employee Login Page will be available, and user can switch to Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese User Interface by clicking these links.

If Allow Employee Portal Login by Email Address is not turned on, Employee Portal only allow to be logged in by Employee Number.

When the check-box option Show EPortal Password in Employee Master is checked, the EPortal Password at Employee Master, EPortal tab will show the actual password instead of *****

If the Enable Background Email is turned on, email will be send on background without waiting for the email to completely send. If the email is failed to sent for some reason (e.g. no internet connection), the email will be stored in Undeliverable Email in Employee Portal.  

If Update Roster including Self is turned on, the roster tables available to update in Update Roster in Employee Portal will include the Roster of the logged in user.