Employee Login

  • Employee No. is the Employee No. defined in HRPro. 
  • When the Allow Employee Portal Login by Email Address in Employee Portal Setup is enabled, Email Address of the employee can be used as user id.
  • By default, Password is the first 6 numbers of your HKID.
  • Click Forget your password? if you forget your password.
  • The message below the Login button can be defined in Employee Portal Setup, Login Page Support/Confidentiality Message Tab.
  • Only Employees with Enable Login (in Employee Master, EPortal tab) turned on can login to Employee Portal
  • When the check-box option Enable Chinese User Interface (in Employee Portal Setup) is checked, the link  繁中 简中 will be available, and user can switch to Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese User Interface by clicking these links.

When the Enable CAPTCHA on login page in Employee Portal Setup is turned on, an additional Security Check is required,  Enable CAPTCHA ensure the login user is a human not a computer program to protect the web site (especially if the web site is publicly accessible).

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