Personal Options (EPortal)

Employee Portal User can defined their personal options at this page.

Language for User Interface is the language displayed on screen, options are Base on Login, English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
Language for Email Notification is the Language you prefer on your Email Notifications, options are English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
Theme Color is to defined the color scheme of your Employee Portal, options are Default, Red, Green, Black and White. See Theme Color in Employee Portal
Default Line Spacing (px) is the line spacing between lines.
Grid Page Size (rows) is the number of lines of each page of every grid.

When the Enable Approver Self Delegation (in Employee Portal Setup, Webleave Tab) is turned on and the Employee Portal User is an Approver, you can delegate the Approval Role to other employee (For example, when the approver is traveling or on vacation).

When Enable One Click Approval is turned on, Approver is allowed to approve or reject the application by clicking the link in the notification email.

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