Employee Portal Setup, WebLeave Tab

This screen is to define various options for WebLeave.

When Disallow Negative Balance is turned on, 
all leave types will be Disallow Application selected and the minimum balance become the  When balance less than (or zero if it is not set) and will not considered Allow Application/Give Warning even if it is selected. It is the main switch to set all leave type to disallow negative balance. 

If Disallow Negative Balance is turned off, the balance checking are using the settings defined in When balance less than in Leave Type. (i.e. When balance less than, Allow Application, Disallow Application and Give Warning)

If the Even for Past Leave option is turned on, The Past Leave is cancelled, that will contradict with the Annual Leave Pay, No Pay Leave Deduction and Leave Forfeiture, etc. Depending on the Company Policy, Manual Adjustment may be preformed.

When the Enable Approver Self Delegation is turned on, Approvers can assign the Delegation Role by themselves in Personal Options (EPortal)

When Enable Real Time Validation When Applying leave is turned on, In Application and Application (on behalf) screens, validation will be performed on every changes without required to press the Apply button and the validation message will be displayed on screen immediately.

When Enable Replenish Attachment is turned on, employee is allowed to submit the attachment even if the application is approved.

The Description in Show Items panel can contain simple HTML tags (e.g. <b></b> <u></u> <i></i> )

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