IR56F Amendment

This screen allows you to amend the details in the IR56F tax sheets that generated from Generate IR56F Batch.  The tax sheets are sorted according to the Surname and Given Name.

Click Employee No. to edit.  If the line background color is light blue indicated that the IR56F record is being modified.

The submission date is the Submission date in Output IR56F Data File, it will be automatically updated after the data file is created.

Basically all the information will be filled in automatically, unless you need to do the amendment. After amending the record, click Save button to save the IR56F record.

Type of Form 
Original for form not previously filed for the employee concerned
Additional for reporting additional income of an employee that has not been included in the form (either paper or electronic) previously submitted.
Replacement for correcting errors of the form previously submitted

You can print the IR56F Check List, Taxable Income Report by IRD Category, Taxable Income Report by Pay Type, whole batch of IR56F, IR56F (Individual) from the [Print] Button.

Click the [Post] button to post (completed) this IR56F Batch.

If the batch is posted and you find that the data are incorrect, you may undo the IR56F Posting through Undo IR56F Posting. The data for the stated IR56F Batch Cycle would be unposted and you may amend or generate the IR56F batch again.

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