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Appraisal Workflow

  1. HRPro User define Performance Appraisal Rating Factors in Appraisal Template
  2. Generate Appraisal Batch for the Appraisal Cycle
  3. HRPro User releases the Appraisal Batch to the Reviewer
  4. Reviewer set Goal and Objective in Appraisal Review in Employee Portal
  5. Reviewer reviews and rates the employee in Appraisal Review
  6. If Required Employee Feedback in Appraisal Template is turned on
    • Reviewer releases the Appraisal to the Employee for Feedback 
    • Employee reviews and provides Appraisal Employee Feedback in Employee Portal
    • Employee submits the final Appraisal to HR 
  7. Based on the Ratings and Comments, HRPro User inputs HR Comment and Next Appraisal Date in Edit Appraisal
  8. Employees can view his/her own Appraisal from Appraisal Result
  9. Managers can view his/her Subordinate Appraisal Result that have been reviewed by Appraisal Reviewer
  10. HRPro Users view Employee Appraisal History for every Appraisals
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