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How to upload "Notice of Employee Cessation IR56F" via Mixed Mode

After the IR56F XML File is generated from Output IR56F Data File. You can follow these procedures to submit the IR56F XML file to eTAX.

To upload the data file via the Mixed Mode, you are not required to be an Authorized Signer or eTAX account holder. However, to complete the whole submission process, you have to pass the Control List (printed after uploading a data file via the Mixed Mode) to an Authorized Signer for signature on all the pages. The signed paper Control List should then be sent back to Inland Revenue Department.

Go to the home page of Inland Revenue Department and click the ER e-Filing Services icon.

Start: Read the "Step" page and click Continue 
Step 1: Read the "Important Note" page and click Continue.
Step 2: Select Mixed Mode and click Continue
Step 3: Preparation of Data File
Step 4: Getting ready for Submission
Step 5: Sign and / or Submit
Step 6: Acknowledgement


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