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Multiple Mid-month Payroll Batches per Month

HRPro allowed to create Multiple Mid-Month Payroll Batches per month. E.g. for Commission payment, bonus payment, adjustment payment, etc.

To turn on Multiple Mid-Month Payroll Batches per month, go to System Manager->HRPro Setup, click Payroll Module Setup. Mid-Month Payroll Tab Click the Enable Multiple Mid-Month Payroll Batch per month check box.

You may needed to logout and relogin HRPro to reflect the changes.

Go to Mid-Month Payroll Management->Generate Mid-Month Payroll Batch to generate the Mid-Month Payroll Batch

If the Default Salary for Mid-Month Payroll Batch is either Half or Full in Payroll Module Setup, the Zero Amount check box is available. Click it if you want this batch is initialized with zero amount.

When Default Salary for Mid-Month Payroll Batch is "Zero" 
=> it is not a monthly $10000 salary for $5000 (mid month) $500 (month end) situation. 
=> Usually, it is a mid-month commission situation.
=> the pay type amounts will be populated to month end payroll batch. So the $3000 commission will be deducted by the prepaid $3000 in mid-month payroll batch.

After the Mid-Month Payroll Batch is generated, you can amend the payroll batch using Mid-Month Payroll Amendment or update the payroll batch by using Payroll Amendment Import Function

If the Reserve Mid-Month MPF to Month-End  is checked,  the MPF for Employee Contribution amount is calculated and deducted in Mid-Month Payroll Batch.

When Reserve Mid-Month MPF to month-end is turned off, HRPro do not calculate the MPF amount and pay to the employee for full amount (usually for commission at mid-month).
When Reserve Mid-Month MPF to month-end is turned on, HRPro calculate the MPF for mid-month, deduct that MPF amount without paying to the employee. (Usually it is for the case that the month end amount is not enough to pay the MPF (e.g. for month end payroll is for commission payment – say mid-month amount is $20,000 and month end amount is $500), so the $1,000 MPF contribution is reserved to month-end)

User can also view the details of the Mid-Month Payroll Batches from the Mid-Month Payroll Tab