Roster Table

Click "+" to define new Roster Code
Click "-" to delete an existing Roster Code
Click "Edit" to edit the description, Leave and Attendance Period of this Roster Code. See Edit Roster Table
Click the Roster Code (in Blue) to add or amend the Period Roster Table of that Roster Code

Click "+" to define Roster Table for new periods.

Select the Periods you wish to create and optionally change the shift code on the pattern, you can further edit the Period Roster Table in the below Edit Roster Details screen. Click Create to create the Period Roster Tables.

Roster Table is used to assign the Shift Code of each day to define the work schedule for the employees that assigned this Roster Code. Usually shift code must be assigned to all dates unless on the case of "one roster per employee" assignment,  there will be no shift code assignment before the join date and after the termination date of the employee.

To bulk set the shift codes of the roster table, you can select the combo boxes at the top of the calendar. e.g.

Set all days to Shift Code OFFICEHOUR
Set all Sunday to Shift Code REST, etc

You can also use Roster Update to Update the Roster by period.

When changing the Shift Code of the Roster Table, If related Attendance Record is exist, the Late-In, Early-Out, Overtime, Absent, etc will be recalculated.

If the option Assumed one Employee per Roster in Company Setup, General tab is turned on, the Rest Day and Statutory Holiday Balance Information will be show 

and the leave type of the Approved Leave of this employee will show in red on the Roster Calendar in order to assign the proper shift code.