Payroll Module Setup, MPF tab

Default MPF Account

The MPF Interface File Information for default MPF Account is defined in MPF Account Master

MPF Regulations

When the option MPF Commence Date considers Group Join Date  is turned on, The employee's MPF Commence Date will count starting from Group Join Date instead of Join Date

If the Treat "EE Join Scheme Date" as "EE Commence Date" is turned off (Recommend off), EE Join Scheme Date is a reference field and will not use for MPF Calculation. The EE Commence Date is calculated by system and is followed by the "30+N" days rule.
If the Treat "EE Join Scheme Date" as "EE Commence Date" is turned on, MPF Calculation will treat the EE Join Scheme Date as the EE Commence Date, (e.g. If the EE Join Scheme Date is set to Join Date, the EE contribution will be commenced at Join Date and first contribution occurred at that month).

Voluntary Contribution

Voluntary Contribution based on have the following options
    • N/A
    • Basic salary x (MC % + VC%) - mandatory contribution
    • Relevant income x (MC % + VC%) - mandatory contribution
    • Basic salary x VC%
    • Relevant income x VC%

Basic Salary is included Basic Salary, Holiday Pay, Annual Leave Pay, Sickness Allowance, Injury Leave Allowance, Maternity/Paternity Leave Pay and No Pay Leave Deduction only. The following pay types are excluded:  Allowance 1, Allowance 2, OT Pays, Late Deduction, Bonus, Double Pay, Wage In Lieu Pay, LSP/SP Pay and Pay Type 1 to 15, etc.

Relevant Income is the income of the Pay Types that the MPF Contribute is turned on in the Payroll Module Setup, Pay Type tab or Pay Type Table. (i.e. the MPF Relevant Income)

MPF Excel File (General)

When MPF Excel File (General) Order by Employee Name is checked, the MPF Excel File (General) in Generate MPF File will be ordered by Employee Name, otherwise it will be ordered by Employee Number.