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How to upload "Completion of Employer's Return IR56B"

  1. Visit How to prepare IR56B?
  2. Make sure you have an eTAX Account, click here to open one.
  3. Visit Completion and/or Submission of Employer's Return from IRD
  4. Read and Click Start Using the Service at the end of the page
  5. Read and Click Continue
  6. Login with your TIN and eTAX Password
  7. Read Step Page Read and Click Continue
  8. Read Important Notes Read and click Continue
  9. Enter Employer's Reference. Input the Business Registration Number, ERIC and select Upload a data file containing IR56B records for Annual Return and click Continue
  10. State the source of the uploading IR56B records file from Approved Self-developed IR56B software. And select the XML file generated from Output IR56B Data File to retrieve your uploading data file.
  11. Control List for Uploading IR56B Records If there is no error, a Check Sum will be generated for the upload data which will be displayed in the Control List for Reference if no irregularity is detected. You may print the Control List for the Filter's reference
  12. Click the Exit button to exit
  13. Complete and Save Return 
  14. follow the instructions on screen to Sign and Submit


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