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How to prepare IR56B

*** For IR56B reporting for taxation year 2019-2020, please use IR56B 2018 Format, please follow How to prepare IR56B (2018 Format) ***

This section provides an overview of IR56BEmployer's return of remuneration and pensions generation in computerized format.
  1. Define IRD Category of each pay type in Payroll Module Setup, Pay Type Tab
  2. When Pay Type Table is turned on, define the IRD Category in Pay Type Table.
  3. Define your Tax File No.Name and Designation in Taxation Module Setup.
  4. Generate IR56B Batch  (make sure the April to March batches are all posted).
  5. Print IR56B checklist.
  6. Print Taxable Income Report by IRD Category or Taxable Income Report by Pay Type and distribute to your employees.
  7. Optionally print the Employee MPF Statement and distribute to your employees.
  8. Export, manipulate and import back to IR56B Batch.
  9. IR56B Amendment (if any).
  10. Output IR56B Data File, upload to eTax if selected the XML File format and less than 800 records. See How to upload "Completion of Employer's Return IR56B" via Mixed Mode. For Mixed Mode Submission, the duly signed paper Control List (generated by eTax) together with the duly signed original paper BIR56A must be submitted to the Department in person / by post.  
  11. Print or Email IR56B forms in IR56B and distribute to your employees, see also IR56B Sample Output.
  12. For any amendment (increase or decrease of the reported income) and correction of other information after submission, you can generate another IR56B Batch using Generate IR56B Batch with Type of Form = Replacement. Go to step 10 to create another XML File.
  13. If you have multiple employer per database, go to Step 4 and select another employer to generate a different IR56B batch.
  14. When the whole cycle is completed, click the Post button on the IR56B Amendment tool bar to post (closed) the IR56B Batch.
  15. After the taxation year is closed, Download IR56B is available in Employee Portal