Taxation Module Setup

To set up the taxation information in HRPro, 

General tab


When the Accumulate IR56B/M by HKID is turned on, IR56B/M will accumulate the payrolls of the same HKID to the same sheet regardless of the employee number. Which is applied for one employee with multiple employee number because of multiple employment contract.

When the Accumulate IR56B/M by HKID is turned on, IR56B also included  those terminated contracts unless IR56F/G is printed for those HKID number.

When Include Area to Address is turned on, the address line of all IR documents will append the Area (in Employee Master, Personal Info Tab) to the Address, e.g. If the Area is KowloonKowloon will be added at the end of the address line of all IR documents. This option is good to turned off if your employee address already contains the area or the address is Chinese.


When the Generate MPF Mandatory Contributions to IR56B Remarks is turned on, an IR56B remarks will be automatically created during the IR56B Generation that accumulated the Employee Mandatory Contributions during the taxation year.

If the check-box option Allow create zero amount IR56B even if no payroll exists is turned on, even there is no payroll batch exists in the taxation year, a zero amount IR56B forms for the eligible employees will be generated in Generate IR56B Batch.


If Ignore $25,000 Consultant/$200,000 Sub-contractor Income Limit for IR56M is not turned on, IR56M will not be generated if

    • Subcontracting Fees is not zero and is not more than $200,000 and consultant incomes (Commission, Writer's / Contributor's Fees, Artiste's Fees, Copyright / Royalties, Consultancy / Management Fees) are zero. Or
    • Subcontracting Fees is zero and sum of consultant incomes (Commission, Writer's / Contributor's Fees, Artiste's Fees, Copyright / Royalties, Consultancy / Management Fees) are not more than $25,000
Employer tab

Click the Edit button to input the Tax File No., Name, Designation information for IR forms declaration if there is only one employer (Tax File No.) in the database. Employer Name and Address is defined in Company Setup, General tab.

Click the Add button to define the Employer Name, Tax File No., Name, Designation and Address if you have multiple employer (Tax File No.) per database. 

To define the Employer of the employee, go to Employee Master, IR tab

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