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What is "Enable Auto Salary Small Amount Adjustment"?

There is an check box option Enable Auto Salary Small Amount Adjustment in Payroll Module Setup, Payroll Tab

When this option is turned on, during payroll generation, if the Dollar Difference of Salary + Allowance + Allowance 2 + Holiday Pay + Annual Leave Pay compare with Basic Salary (Ref) + Allowance (Ref) + Allowance 2 (Ref) is less than $1, system will automatically adjust the Pay Amount of Salary in order to make the Salary + Allowance + Allowance 2 + Holiday Pay + Annual Leave Pay equal to the Basic Salary (Ref) + Allowance (Ref) + Allowance 2 (Ref). (Usually this rounding is due to the insufficient decimal place presentation of Pay Rate especially when EAO2007 is turned on).

Enable Auto Salary Small Amount Adjustment turned off

Enable Auto Salary Small Amount Adjustment turned on

p.s. You can also increase the decimal place of Daily Rate (e.g. 4 decimal places) to increase the accuracy of the Pay Amount. Daily Rate Decimal is defined at Payroll Module Setup, Payroll tab.