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What is Leave Nature?

Leave Nature is defined by HRPro to describe the characteristic of the leave (or some non-leave applications, e.g. In/Out Time Overwrite Request, , No OT Leave, Not Absent and Reference)

Nature Code Is Full Pay? Check Duplicate? Adjustment Entry Available? Counted as No Pay Hrs/Days in Payroll? #6 Count Working Days in Between only? (Otherwise, count consecutive days)
Annual Leave  A #1 Yes Yes - Yes
Annual Leave (Additional) I #1 Yes Yes - Yes
Birthday Leave BL Yes  Yes Yes - Yes
Casual Leave (Full Pay)  E Yes Yes Yes - Yes
Compensation Leave C Yes Yes Yes - Yes
Compensation Leave require OT Information CO Yes Yes No - Yes
Day off (Not Full Pay)  D No Yes No - Yes
In/Out Time Correction Request IO No No No - N/A
Maternity Leave  M #1 Yes No - No
Paternity Leave  MP #1 Yes No - Yes
No OT  Leave#8  NO YesNo No - Yes
No Pay Leave  N No Yes No Yes No
No Pay Working Day Leave  NW No Yes No Yes Yes
Not Absent#7 Z Yes No No - Yes
Others (Full Pay)  O Yes Yes Yes - No
Others (Not Full Pay)  U No Yes No - Yes
Reference#9  B     No No No   No
Rest Day (Full Pay)  P Yes Yes Yes - Yes
Rest Day (Not Full Pay)  R No Yes No - Yes
Sick Leave (Full Pay)  F Yes Yes Yes - No#3
Sick Leave (No Pay)  T No Yes No Yes No
Sick Leave (Statutory)  S #1 Yes Yes - No (But excluded SH#5)#2
Injury Leave (Full Pay)  G Yes Yes No - No#3
Injury Leave (No Pay)  W No Yes No Yes No
Injury Leave (Statutory) 
V #1 Yes No - No (But excluded SH#5)#2
Statutory Holiday SH #1 Yes Yes - No
Working Day Leave (Full Pay) WL Yes Yes Yes - Yes

#1 - depending on the check-box Full Pay Wage on Payroll Module Setup, Pay Type Tab 
#2 - also depending on the check-box Statutory Sick Leave Days count working days only on Leave Module Setup, Sick Leave tab
#3 - also depending on the check-box Full Pay Sick Leave Days count working days only on Leave Module Setup, Sick Leave tab
#4 - for consecutive days nature leave, it also consider Pay Days Definition:
  • Daily Salary Based on, when Daily Salary Based on is Weekdays (or Weekdays+SH or Weekdays+PH), it count Weekdays  (or Weekdays+SH or Weekdays+PH) only.
  • Roster Table, if Roster table is not defined, all undefined days are considered as working days.
#5 - unless Statutory Sick Leave Days include Statutory Holiday (in Leave Module Setup, Sick Leave tab) is turned on 
#6When No Pay Leave Days read from Leave Module is turned on in Payroll Module Setup
#7 - Not Absent is to supplement the attendance record (i.e. to avoid absent) and is counted as regarded days, e.g. for Business Trip, Offsite Meeting.
#8 - No OT Leave: Similar to Not Absent, but If there is attendance in-between the leave, it will not treat as Over-Time on Leave date.  e.g. for Typhoon, Black rainstorm leave.
#9Reference have no effect on attendance record and is not counted as regarded days e.g. for Business Trip, Offsite Meeting, Out for Work etc. whereas attendance is not concern (e.g. without Attendance Module).

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