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What's new in HRPro 9.0?

We are constantly working on improving HRPro. Here you will find a list of new features in HRPro's updates.
  • Updated: Redesign OT Type Screen
  • Updated: Redesign Late Deduction Screen
  • Added: Employment History Tab in Employee Master
  • Added: New Report - Employment History Report
  • Added: Company Setup allow Export/Import to Excel
  • Added: Attendance Allowance in Shift Code/Global Working Hours
  • Added: Print Excel Document
  • Added: Shift Code/Roster Table to Master Setup Menu
  • Added: New Report - MPF Retention Report by Period PLRRR
  • Added: User definable Alternate Saturday in Global Working Hours
  • Added: Different Bank Autopay Accounts for different Employee Classes
  • General Browser Screen enables hot keys: Home to top and End to bottom
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes
Client under warranty period or covered by a Maintenance and Support Plan is entitled free upgrade, please contact HRPro Support Team by email support@hrpro.hk for upgrade arrangement

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