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How to setup Expense Claims Workflow?

1. Define a Leave Type in Leave Type Table with Nature = Expense Claims and turned on Visible in WebLeave Application and WebLeave allow Backdate Application, you can optionally define the Employee Classes that allowed for Expense Claims in the Employee Class tab. You can optionally turned on WebLeave required Attachment to ensure supporting documents must be attached during the application. And also input your company policy for Expense Claims into the WebLeave Explanation box. You can optionally define the Maximum Amount allowed to claim for this Leave Type.

2. Define the approvers in Employee Master, EPortal tab. (Actually Expense Claims Approvers are same as Leave Approvers)

3. Applicants apply Expense Claims in Application in Employee Portal. Select the Expense Claims as Application. Input the Expense Description and Amount and optionally attach an attachment.

4. Approver(s) will receive Email Notification to login to Employee Portal to approve the Expense Claims Application

5. After the application is approved. A new Leave Entry will be created in HRPro

6. User can print the Expense Claims Report in HRPro for further processing and analyzing. Expense Claims did not integrated to Employee Payroll.

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