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Pay Type and Pay Type Items

In HRPro, there are 15 User Definable Pay Types and each Pay Type can have unlimited Pay Type Items (Description).  To define unlimited pay type, turned on Enable Pay Type Table in Payroll Module Setup, Pay Type Tab. And input the Pay Types in Pay Table Table rather than in Payroll Module Setup, Pay Type tab.

Pay Types and Pay Type Items is defined in Payroll Module Setup, Pay Type Tab when Enable Pay Type Table is turned off.

At April 2014, if Tiger Chan earn $5,000 Monthly Commission, after April Payroll is generated, in Payroll Amendment, by clicking the button beside the Commission to change the description from Commission to Monthly Commission.

The Pay Slip output became
All payroll reports (e.g. Payroll Details Report), all kind of commissions will be printed on the same column with header Commission and automatically sum up as the total row.

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