How to Delete all Hidden Rows and Columns in Excel?

Sometimes when you prepare the Excel sheet, you need lots of data to start with. But later when you have to present that data to your boss or client, more information means more confusion. So you hide all unwanted rows or columns. Just before sending those Excel data you may want to delete all those hidden rows or columns. Deleting all the hidden data in the form of rows and columns had become easy in Excel 2007.

So how to delete all hidden rows and columns in Excel 2007?

Important Note: If you had written formula to manipulate the data in your Excel and the formulas call for data from hidden rows and columns, then deleting those information will cause incorrect result. In that case, you may want to copy only visible rows and columns to another Excel sheet.

If you use Excel 2007, click Office Button on the top left corner –> Prepare –> Inspect Document.

If you use Excel 2010/2013, please click File > Info > Check for Issues > Inspect Document, see screenshot:

You will get a Document Inspector. You may keep all checked or not but make sure Hidden Rows and Columns option is checked.

Click Inspect.

Now if there are any Hidden Rows and Columns, you will the number of hidden rows and columns found. Click Remove all and Close.

Now your document will be free of any hidden rows and columns.