About HRPro

Human Resource Management

HRPro is an easy-to-use, integrated, flexible, fully featured Human Resource Management System suitable for most companies in Hong Kong with general expectations. HRPro is compliant with local needs and practices so it is the easiest way to replace manual processes.

HRPro makes payroll, auto-pay, and tax-return processing an automated, predictable, and timely process with flexible and powerful functionalities that allows you to operate more effectively, smarter, and more accurately.

General Features

  • Easy to use Web Browser User Interface.

  • Multilingual Support - English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.

  • Highly Reliable Database Engine – Microsoft SQL Server.

  • Multi-user access capability.

  • Sensitive data is encrypted to provide tighter security restrictions that even the IT Personnel cannot decrypt.

  • Payroll Reminder can remind you of important events, so you will never miss any steps in your payroll cycle.

  • Many standard reports, listings, statements, reminders, and letters are ready to use. All documents can be previewed, printed, and exported to Excel, PDF, or text files.

  • Add any attachments to records.

  • Full access rights control – Employee Group, User, Group, Company Level.

  • Mid-Month Payroll Processing.

  • Context Sensitive Help is available anywhere by clicking the Help button on the toolbar.

  • Compliance with Employment (Amendment) Ordinance 2007.

  • English and Chinese support.

  • Built-in backup & restore.

  • Multiple Cost Centre support.

  • Integrated with Employee Portal module to accept approved leave records.

  • Customization Service is available to suit your company's particular policy.

Employee Profile

  • Employee information, human resources data, and detailed payroll records of the employees are kept in the system.

  • Personal details such as contact information, spouse information, salary information, bank account, and emergency contact can be recorded and printed out as a personal profile.

  • The attachment feature let you scan all necessary documents into the employee profile. Documents such as Resume, Certificate, ID cards, etc will be available online with a click. No more hard copy searching and photocopying is required.

  • HR information including start and termination dates as well as salary reviews, appraisal dates, probation end date, insurance plan, and grading are also be kept.

  • Training History: To facilitate employee development by maintaining training records, and reporting on results. It helps the HR department to identify skills and experience for position planning.

  • There are additional 20 user-defined fields in employee master that users can define for their own use.

  • Utilised Microsoft Word template to create Employee Letter/Memo.

  • Predefined Word templates included: Appointment Letter, Employment Contract, Probationary Period Completed Letter, Reference Letter, Employee Memo, etc.

  • Qualification and Skills History and Appointment History are kept.

Payroll Management

  • Monthly salary, daily, hourly wage, overtime, bonus, double pay, salary adjustment, allowances, and deductions (regular or ad-hoc) are easily defined.

  • Calculate Holiday Pay, Annual Leave Pay, Sickness Allowance, and Maternity Leave Pay using 12-month average wages automatically.

  • Payroll can be made by auto-pay, cash, or cheque.

  • Auto compute for no pay leave deduction.

  • Automatic pro-rated incomplete month payments.

  • Pay items can be defined as taxable and non-taxable items; MPF contributable or not.

  • Multiple payroll trial run process.

  • Print pay slip and payroll cheque.

  • Pay slip can be distributed by email automatically.

  • Generate bank auto-pay electronic output file (all major banks including HSBC, BOC, Citi-Bank, and DBS)

  • Generate accounting interface output file.

MPF Handling

  • MPF and ORSO are calculated automatically.

  • Auto detection and compute MPF cap/ceiling.

  • MPF Mandatory & Voluntary contributions by employer & employee, and MPF remittance statements are fully handled.

  • HRPro automatically calculates the MPF contributions according to MPF Ordinance and regulations.

Taxation Management

  • Annual tax filing with Inland Revenue Department (IRD).

  • Reports submitted to the Inland Revenue Department such as remuneration and pension, commence to be employed, and cease to be employed are prepared by the system. This cuts down on user time spent in the preparation of these documents.

  • Tax returns such as IR56B, IR56F, and IR56M XML files, and IR forms IR56B, IR56E, IR56G, and IR56M can be system generated.

Leave Management

  • Maintaining leave for all employees

  • Annual leave, sick leave, compensation leave, no pay leave and public/company holidays, etc, are user definable with full control on leave entitlement, leave taken and adjustment.

  • Annual Leave Balance is automatically calculated.

  • No pay leave deduction can be automatically calculated with a custom formula.

  • Employee Leave Status can be distributed by email automatically.

  • Leave Application by Group allows creating Leave Applications for all or groups of employees

  • Leave Summary and Details reports are provided.

Attendance Management

  • Supports capturing of attendance records by the individual employee in the organization using electronic time clock including Finger Scan, Smart Card, Proximity, Bar-code Strip, Magnetic Strip, or Computer Data Input.

  • Attendance records taken can be used for overtime calculation as well.

  • User definable Shift Code, Roster Table.

  • Import Roster Table from Excel.

  • Integrated with Leave Management Module and Payroll Administration Module.

Appraisal Module

  • Customizable Performance Appraisal Rating Factors.

  • Custom Review Forms.

  • Weighted Performance Measures.

  • Online Appraisal Review.

  • 360 Degree Appraisals.

  • Self-Appraisals.

  • Individual Goal and Objective setting.

  • Automatically calculate overall ratings.

  • Appraisal History Tracking.

Employee Portal

HRPro Employee Portal makes it easy for your employees to access a centralized corporate communication platform.

The Employee Portal delivers the information, tools, and services that employees need to manage their personal information, leave management and serve self-service needs.

HRPro Employee Portal offers your employees these components from a Web-based interface:

  • Make announcements of important HR information using a full-featured Notice Board.

  • Stored important HR documents in Company Library to share with all employees.

  • Use Directory to look up the name, phone, and emails of any other employees.

  • Apply for leave wherever there’s Internet/Intranet access.

  • Approvers can approve or reject leave requested from anywhere via the web, thus saving time and increasing efficiency.

  • Employees can get up-to-date information on leave status (including approval status and annual leave balance, leave taken, etc) as well as their Leave History without contacting the Human Resource Department.

  • Approvers can get up-to-date information on the leave balance and the leave history of their subordinates.

  • Email notification of leave application & approval/rejection to subordinates & Approvers.

  • A user-friendly view in Leave Calendar to view the Leave Status and coming events of the employee and all subordinates.

  • Employees can view their own Attendance Records.

  • Update Personal Particulars - Change home address, phone number, mobile number, spouse information, and emergency contact thus increasing accuracy.

  • Review their own past Salary History without contacting the Human Resource Department thus lessening administrative work.

Business Alert

Business Alert helps you manage your business more easily and effectively. You can identify any business-critical issues early, resolve them, and exercise better control over your Human Resources.

  • Business Alert provides scheduling ability based on monitoring HRPro for critical, time-sensitive information, and sends out alert emails with the most timely data.

  • For organizations that wish to realize the benefits of alert messaging across some or all of them, Business Alert is the answer.

  • Business Alert supports scheduling and email delivery of user-definable queries. Email recipients can view the Email in HTML format without having to connect to HRPro.

  • Business Alert can send emails to alert about any conditions in application data.