Erase Personal Data for Terminated Employees

Erase Personal Data for Terminated Employees is under Master.

According to Personal Data Protection Law in different countries (GDPR, PDPO), if there is no longer a legitimate purpose that requires the retention and use of personal data, it must be erased.

This Erase Personal Data for Terminated Employees process will erase the following data from the system according to the Termination Date on or before (by default it is 7 years after employee termination).

The following personal data of the selected employees will be permanently altered or erased from the System:-

    • Surname
    • Othername
    • Call Name
    • Chinese Name
    • Payee Name
    • HK ID No.
    • Passport No.
    • Bank Account No.
    • Telephone (Home)
    • Mobile Phone
    • Email
    • Personal Email
    • Spouse Surname, Othername, HK ID No., Passport No.
    • Residential and Postal Addresses
    • Addresses of Place of Residence provided
    • Photo
    • Emergency Contact (Name, Relation, Phone, Mobile)
    • Notes
    • Employment History
    • Quali and Skills History
    • Attachments
    • Attendance Records
    • Leave Applications
    • Overtime Compensation Application
    • Leave Records
    • Leave Adjustment Records
    • Expense Records

After the process the employee records are left with non-identifiable details, so that certain reports (e.g historical Payroll Reports) remain meaningful.

Warning! This process will irrevocably delete the employee personal data from the system and is unrecoverable!