Web Browser and OS Compatibility

Running HRPro/Employee Portal on a modern browser provides the best user experience, system performance and security. HRPro/Employee Portal has been designed to work across as many modern Internet browsers as possible.

Supported Browsers and OS


  • Google Chrome🡕 - The two latest, released versions
  • Microsoft Edge🡕 - The two latest, released versions
  • Firefox🡕 - The two latest released versions
  • Safari🡕 - The two latest, released versions (for iOS and OS X, Safari for Windows is not supported)
  • Internet Explorer 11 - Due to the leak of features, security issues and performance issues in IE11, IE11 and previous versions are not supported starting from 2019/08/01 (HRPro and EPortal version 16.08).

If user is running HRPro or Employee Portal on a unsupported browser, user may experience formatting, rendering and sometimes non-responding issues.

Operating Systems (OS):