How to upgrade HRPro using the HRProUpgrade utility

1. At the Application Server that the Web Client Installation is already installed, extract the files in the Upgrade Package (usually a zip file) to an empty temporary folder.

2. Make sure no one is running HRPro.

3. Right click on the HRProUpgrade(Run as Administrator).exe and select Run as Administrator.

4. Examine the on screen information. Make sure your currently running version is the Upgrade Package file name referring to. e.g. If the upgrade package file name is, your currently running Web Client version should be 16.11.18. Otherwise, do not perform the upgrade.

If it is correct, click the Start Upgrade button


1. If the SQL Server is also installed on that server, the Upgrade Application Database section is available. If it is checked, the databases on that server will also be upgraded.

2. If the SQL Server is not installed on that server, copy the upgrade package to the database server and check Upgrade Application Database to upgrade database.

3, For Desktop Client upgrade, copy the upgrade package to the workstation that the HRPro Desktop Client is already installed, and run the HRProUpgrade.exe utility.

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