HRPro Desktop Client Setup Procedure

  1. Make sure the current windows user have local administrator rights and UAC (User Account Control) turned off
  2. Locate the HRPRO share folder in My Network Place and map to a disk drive (say P: )
  3. Double Click HRPRO.msi from the \setup folder in the mapped drive.
  4. Follow the instruction on screen.
  1. After the setup is finished, create an HRPRo shortcut on the Desktop that is pointed to p:\HRPRO.exe
  2. Double Click the shortcut to launch HRPro
  3. After logged in, from the Main Menu, on the top menu, select Help - About HRPro – Register… Button, paste the license key to register. (See How to Register HRPro? )
  4. Desktop Client Setup completed