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How to determine Daily Salary?

Daily Salary for Current Month

For Monthly Rate Employee and Daily Rate Employee (with “Pay Regular Days for Daily Rate Employee” in Payroll Module Setup is turned on)
    Daily Salary is based on the option Daily Salary based on under Payroll Module Setup, Payroll Tab, Prorated Salary / No Pay Rate Basis and Employee ClassProrated Salary / No Pay Rate Basis. See "Daily Salary based on" Explanation

For Hourly Rate Employee
    Daily Salary = Basic Salary (Ref)(in Employee Master, Salary Info tab) x Daily Working Hours
    (Where Daily Working Hours is the 
            Daily Working Hours calculated from Global Working Hours 
            Total Working Hours / Total Normal Days in Roster Table for the period

For Daily Rate Employee
    Daily Salary = Basic Salary (Ref) (in Employee Master, Salary Info tab)

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