Announcing the release of HRPro Web Client


HRPro users now have the choice of accessing their HR information via the web!

HRPro Web Client is the state-of-the-art, next generation web-based HR solution to reduce IT and deployment costs and increase user productivity.

Web client allows users to access virtually all HRPro functionalities via a Web browser and permits users to more easily and securely access and update HR information in real-time.

HRPro Web Client is developed based on a three-tier design architecture (the presentation layer included the entire user interface, the business layer contains all the business logic of all the modules and the data layer includes the SQL server database), that enables users to add application servers to increase scalability.

Since the Web Client share the same data source, security rules and access rights with the Desktop Client, retraining costs for maintenance and redundancy effort should be substantially reduced.