Attachment Management

Attachment  Management (Attachment) is under Master.

With the attachment feature built-in HRPro, you can attach any kind of document including Word, Excel, PDF, JPG, or any other kind of digital document etc. to HRPro (e.g. CV, ID softcopy etc.) and let you organize and search these documents easily and effectively. A reference number can be entered for each attachment for further reference, search and share. 

(Attachment Manager is uploading the attachment directly to the SQL Server, so pay attention to the limitation of the database size of your SQL Server. The maximum file size of each attachment is 10M)

If Show Active is selected, all attachments without employee numbers as well as the attachments for the active employees will be shown. 

If Show Inactive is selected, all attachments for the inactive employees will be shown. 

If Show All is selected, all attachments will be shown.