Work with Attachment Manager

With the attachment feature build in on almost every screen in HRPro, you can attached any kind of documents including word, excel, PDF, JPG, or any other kind of digital documents etc. to any HRPro input screen (e.g. Employee Master, Payroll Amendment Batch etc.) and let you organize and search these documents easily and effectively. A Description can be entered for each attachment for further reference, search and share.

(Attachment Manager will upload the attachment directly to the SQL Server, so pay attention to the limitation of the database size of your SQL Server. The maximum file size of each attachment is 10M)

Attach an attachment

1. From any HRPro screen that contain the attachment tab. Click the “+" button to upload an attachment

2. Select the file that you wish to attach from the Choose File to Upload dialog box.

3. By clicking the green Edit button if any, you can enter any note or keyword in the Description field and when Is Salary Related check-box is checked, the attachment is visible only for the HRPro Users with Access Rights for viewing Salary Information.

Search Attachment using Description search.

You can search attachments using the keyword enter in step 3. In Master > Attachment Management