Scheduled Backup

Backups help ensure that your data aren't permanently lost or damaged. With scheduled backup, you don't have to remember to back up your database.

You can schedule a daily backup job in Database Backup and HRPro does the backup automatically.

Assign Advanced Access Rights for Internet Information Server. (See Grant Advance Access Rights for Internet Information Server)

Go to System Manager > Database Backup

  1. Check the Enable Scheduled Backup check box

  2. You can leave blank the Backup Location if you prefer back up to the default backup location

  3. Set the time to backup in 24 hours format (i.e. 17:00 = 5:00pm)

  4. Optionally select whether you wish to back up on Saturday, Sunday, or not.

  5. Provide an administrator user id and password to allow to run of the Windows Task Scheduler at the server.

  6. If you want an email notification, Input the email address, otherwise leave it blank

  7. Click Apply button to start the schedule

To disable the schedule, uncheck Enable Schedule Backup check-box

For different schedule frequency settings, you can modify the Database Backup Job in Business Alert.